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HOT Tubs Omarama is a meticulously designed healthy spa complex. We have created private landscaped sites which combine the virtues of immersing in pure mountain water with the beautiful upper Waitaki/Mackenzie Country scenery around you. Offering you the opportunity to step away from the stresses of modern day living. Here you can find your very own sanctuary tucked away in the tussocks with daytime views across a small lake to the mountain ranges or enjoy an evening sunset then lay back and breath in the magic star scape of the milky way laid out above you. Each tub is cleaned and refilled with fresh mountain water after each use, providing you with a pure and natural experience (no chemicals are added to the water).


Cool/Hot Tubs (1.5hours)

Soak in fresh mountain water (we do not add any chemicals). Book a private Hot / Cool Tub with a personal changing room on site. Bring your own towel or hire one. Enjoy complimentary fresh drinking water to ensure you stay hydrated while you soak. Your tub has been cleaned and refilled with fresh mountain water for each person or group. We support environmental sustainability by irrigating water from the tubs back onto the land.

1       $52
2      $45 PER PERSON
3      $38 PER PERSON
4      $34 PER PERSON

Child [5-15yrs]   $17 PER CHILD
Under 5’s           $10 PER CHILD


Cool/Hot Tubs and Sauna (2hours)

Upgrade to a Hot Tub and European style Sauna, to deeply cleanse and revitalise your body. Soak in fresh mountain water then allow the heat from your hot stone sauna to open pores and release toxins. Finish with a good dousing of cold water before returning to your tub. You will be tucked away in your own private sanctuary amongst the tussocks. Fresh drinking water and towels included, bookings essential. 

1        $75
2       $70 PER PERSON
3       $60 PER PERSON
4       $50 PER PERSON

Child [15 yrs & under]  $25 PER CHILD


Therapeutic Massage

Release tension, ease stress in our dedicated massage suite. Let our experienced staff help you relax and unwind. Scientific research has shown that regular massage is benefical in relieving pain and other symptoms associated with a number of different conditions. Massage improves circulation, reduces stress, enhances wellbeing, aids sleep patterns and increases energy and vitality.

Full Body                         $100        60 mins

Part Body                        $60          30 mins

More than an hour        $150        90 mins

Heavenly Head              $65           40 mins

Fabulous Feet                 $65          40 mins

Hot Stone Massage       $150         90 mins

PIER AUGÉ Facial Massage & Treatment

PIER AUGÉ products give your skin a true feeling of well-being. With the unique and exclusive concept the BASE DERGYL, which reproduces the skins formula providing it with all the elements that it is made of; proteins, lipids, water, vitamins and mineral salts, this is the beauty secret created by PIER AUGÉ for lovely soft radiant skin.

Do you need a quick facial? Time Out Facial Treat [30-45mins] Essential $50 Deluxe $70

Is your skin dry? Rich Moisture Facial Treat [60-75mins] Essential $85 Deluxe $110

Is your skin oily? Purifying Refining Facial Treat [60-75mins] Essential $85 Deluxe $110

Is your skin dull? Radiant Revitalising Facial Treat [60-75mins] Essential $85 Deluxe $110

Is your skin sun damaged? Cellular Revival Facial Treat [60-75mins] Essential $85 Deluxe $110

Is your skin mature? Elegant Age Facial Treat [60-75mins] Essential $90 Deluxe $120

With over 50 years of experience, PIER AUGÉ looks after your skin by selecting the best of active ingredients to create high-performing products which meet the needs of all skin types.

DSC_0306   Yukari relaxing in a Hot Tub




Check out our website and book online at or phone 03 4389703