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Local Information

FOOD/GROCERIES There is absolutely no need whatsoever to panic about groceries. I visited the Four square this morning. Blair and Alona well and truly have things in hand. They have already gone above and beyond with organising staff requirements, stock taking and organising food deliveries. In an effort to lessen the risk of exposure to themselves and staff, they ask that if at all possible to utilise the delivery service they have set up.

To promote mental well being it is recommend you get outdoors for at least a couple hours a day. It’ll be good for the soul and your fitness. The Government’s stated that you may go for a walk or exercise and enjoy nature. Remember, whatever you do must be solitary. They instruct that you only spend time with those whom you are in self-isolation with, and keep your distance  (Min 2 metres) from all others, at all times.

Remember, whatever you do must be solitary. The Government’s asking that you only spend time with those who you are in self-isolation with, and keep your distance from all others at all times.


In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our vulnerable at-risk patients we have been asked by the College of General Practitioners to only see patients at our clinics if they really need to be seen.
For all other appointments, we will now do these via telephone OR virtual Consultations (for this you will need a computer, laptop or smart phone so we can send you a link to download). All screening appointments i.e. Health Heart Checks, Diabetic checks, Cervical Smears etc. will be re-scheduled for a later date.


Call 03 436 0760 or 03 976 0503 to speak with the Doctor or Nurse. Please be reassured you WILL be seen if your condition is urgent!
Our aim is to bring in patients one at a time from their cars. Flu shots are now in and will still be given to patients who are eligible but this will now take place outside the clinics and preferably whilst you are sitting in your car. Again phone ahead first to arrange a time with the nurse.

Omarama Four Square  Phone: 03 438 9895
Following the recent Government announcement and our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of our local and wider community, and our staff and their families – we offer the following options regarding your grocery requirements – should you be unable to, or simply prefer not to shop personally during this time of uncertainty.

This service is available Monday – Friday as from this coming Monday , March 23, 2020.

Please send orders to –
Emailed orders need to be received by 4pm (Sunday – Thursday) for delivery/collection Monday-Friday between (10am-12pm). Please refrain from phoning through orders.

Please find attached a template grocery order form to be completed, which on receiving – our team will put together for you – for either collection or delivery. At this stage, communication indicates stock levels of core lines are being maintained, however further updates may see some non-essential lines reduced – alleviating unnecessary pressure on deliveries/transportation of goods.

Options for payment: 1. Charged to existing account 2. Payment by direct credit 3. Payment on collection

Any significant updates affecting this current service will be communicated.


Essential services operating in Omarama:

  • Omarama Four Square
  • The service stations
  • Firewood supplies
  • Rock gas supplies

Omarama Veterinary Clinic ” The veterinary professional has been given an official ‘essential service’ status and therefore will continue to be able to supply seasonal requirements. We have had assurance from suppliers that there will be no issue with supply (or logistics), so we would urge everyone that there is no necessity to stock up or forward purchase. When you do visit our clinics you may be met at the front door to ensure that we regulate the number of people in the building at any point in time. Phoning ahead can allow orders to be prepared in advance and these can be brought to your car. We are currently awaiting advice from the NZVA/Vet Council and MPI on what veterinary based tasks will be considered essential over the next four weeks.