Omarama :A Mountain Community in the Middle of Everywhere”

Merry Christmas to all our visitors and our Omarama Family. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season

Omarama is a small mountain community at the junction of State Highways 8 and 83, near the southern end of the Mackenzie Basin, in the South Island of New Zealand. Omarama is in the Waitaki District, Otago.

Omarama is well known to Glider pilots who come to soar the skies and fish the rivers. The Alps to Ocean cycleway passes through Omarama, making it a good central location to base yourself while making the most of the cycle tracks.

Whats happening here!

Introducing Kahu Soaring Omarama. Milan is doing commercial gliding instruction here in Omarama. Check out his website for more info

Heritage Hotel is to open its doors November 26th with 1 wing of the hotel , Restaurant and bar.  Dining will be available from 6pm to 8pm and open for breakfast.

A2O section from Sailors Cutting to Otematata to open soon

Gliding season make a start in Omarama. The Omarama Gliding club has a licence to operate out of the airfield. Keith Essex , sole director of the newly formed Southern Soaring, will operate 2 tow planes.

Omarama Town water supply upgrade to begin, and is expected to be completed by December next year.

Thank you from The Omarama Fire Brigade for your support for Toot for Tucker. 

Welcome to Youth Glide Development Camp at Omarama Airfield from Dec 10th  to 19th. Have fun everyone

Keep an eye on the sky for the Gliding Nationals Jan 1 to Jan 10th 2021

Remember the Omarama Library is open Wednesday and Saturday 9am to 10am. At the Omarama Community Hall. Come along and check it out for a little holiday reading

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