Hunting & Fishing


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There are many rivers and lakes in and near Omarama suitable for recreational fishing. The nearby Ahuriri River is a noted fly-fishing river and adjacent Lake Benmore and Lake Ohau are popular fly casters and other anglers.

Try your hand at dry-fly casting on the Omarama Stream, trolling and nymphing on Lake Benmore or fly fishing on the Ahuriri River. Brown and Rainbow trout are the main fish species caught here, although Salmon are also common.

Fishing guides and supplies are available within the village and surrounding area.

Lakes can be fished year round while rivers can be fished from October – April.

Hunting is another popular activity in the region, with possibilities of hunting waterfowl, rabbits and hares as well as Red Deer, Chamois and Tahr.  Local guides will take you into the hills in search of adventure and a trophy.